Monday, March 22, 2010

a victory a loss

Martin and I took a field trip to Massillon, Ohio. We drove to Target. I needed to return some shoes. Martin wanted a president placemat with two Grover Clevelands. (Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th president, but is often pictured only once in packs of flashcards and other presidential items. Martin finds this to be an injustice.) Neither of us found what we really wanted so we headed to the snack bar for consolation.

Martin chose a chocolate milk and I (in a fit of insanity) chose a cherry ice-e. (It was delicious.) We sat at a tiny table by a sunny window. It felt like something other than a corporate, chain store experience. I felt like we are on a date in the 1950s. When we finished our drinks, we held hands and headed for the parking lot.

As during the Target trip, Martin was a real sweetheart most of the weekend. But I still haven't been able to trim his fingernails. I've tried the last three nights. Usually, he's so sound a sleeper that I can trim his nails at night. But the last few nights he has moved around, jiggled his arms, and clenched his fists. So I've called off my mission three times. Martin is starting to look a little grubby.

But I'll take happy and grubby any day.


  1. You set the bar for "fits of insanity" mighty low.


  2. That's just her way.