Saturday, March 20, 2010

moving up

A #1 seed did not go down in the first round. The second round, however, brought the stunning upset of Kansas, the team favored to win the whole tournament. A player from Northern Iowa sealed the victory with an incredible three-pointer in the final seconds.

Against similar odds, Martin had a nice Saturday. Martin's weekdays are structured by school. Sundays involve several hours at church in the morning and often getting together with church friends in the evening. But Saturday, with its wonderfully (and sometimes frightfully) free hours, can be difficult for Martin. But today worked out all right. Martin slept late and lazed around the house in the morning. We picked crocuses in the yard. We wandered around the college campus in the afternoon. We ate dinner with friends in the evening and Martin ran around the yard and house with great freedom.

Maybe we've all had undiagnosed cabin fever? We've been grumpy almost every Saturday this year. Maybe it wasn't just a struggle to keep Martin happy and occupied? Maybe we all needed to get outside a little bit more?

Maybe we could improve our chances against our Saturday foe if we made getting outside a higher priority? It's a little hard at our house. We have a toddler. We live in town near a fairly busy street. Martin is not exactly skilled at keeping out of the street. But there are ways we could work around this. Maybe we just need to tromp through snow or rain or whatever to the closest open space and be outside no matter what. Every Saturday. For our sanity.

If we did this, I can see us moving up to an 11-seed.


  1. Yay! Spring is here and the world is looking more beautiful and so are the attitudes of children everywhere! Martin's cousins enjoyed being outside today too...could EVERYday be 70 and sunny!??? -Jeanine

  2. Jen, I'm really digging this analogy. The underdogs are looking Very good right now, and I hope things similarly go well for Martin. Unlike these guys in the tournament, Martin gets (or is forced to take) a chance at another upset every day.
    Wish you guys were here to enjoy Durham with us, so we could play with Martin and have our toddlers hang out.