Wednesday, March 10, 2010

mister friendly

The proto-spring weather has persisted. On a walk this morning I spotted the first brave crocuses. The good feelings continue. Here's an example:

Martin is greeting everyone like an extra in a 1950s musical. "Oh, hello Laura!" he yelled to the little girl up the street. "Hello kids!" he exclaimed to some children who entered the gate at the park. "Hey, you are coming toward me!" he cried to the advancing jogger on the sidewalk.

Martin is also striking out into activities that he is sometimes timid about. He climbed to the top of one of the remaining snow piles, standing at least 8 feet above the ground. He hiked across the top of a snow ridge, getting his pants totally filthy and celebrating his achievement when he reached the end of his long walk. He just seems so happy.

If you we're ever planning to visit us in Wooster, now would be a good time. The balmy weather makes our Ohio reality recede from one's mind. And Martin might come up with a salutation just for you.


  1. Spring brings new hope all around! We are enjoying the same warm feelings here in VA! YEAH!!!! -Jeanine

  2. love the "hey, you are coming toward me!" i see another oscar in his future. :) --rebecca

  3. Sounds like Martin is having his own spring <3.

    -The Other Jen :)
    (The Ca. one in case there are many as is the case with our