Monday, March 29, 2010

the line up

Martin lines up things. I walked into my bedroom on Saturday only to find over one hundred Lincoln Log pieces saluting me from the baseboard. Yesterday I found crayons organized in the shape of a house. Beside it stood a tree made entirely of cards from a Crazy Eights deck.

Martin has been lining up things since he was one year old. It's one of the signs that a kid might be on the spectrum. (At the time, we didn't know the signs and simply thought that Martin was incredibly organized.)

I wonder if Martin will always line up things? Maybe he'll be obsessed with alphabetical order on bookshelves? Or having spools of thread organized by color? Or maybe he'll come up with an order all his own?


  1. Maybe he will be a Librarian when he grows up :-) It is so amazing to imagine all of the wonderful things that our children will accomplish as adults! I love watching who Martin is becoming.

  2. I just have to say...he's adorable!