Saturday, April 24, 2010


Martin had several papers in his backpack when we picked him up from school yesterday. Among them was a certificate congratulating him on his selection as student of the month. I know that there are countless annoying bumper stickers about honor students and students-of-the-month. Whenever I see them, I shudder inwardly. I've always assumed those bumper stickers might as well say, "Honk if you like conformity" or "My greatest aspirations lie in my child's junior high school."

So I was totally shocked yesterday that my kid - my autistic kid, my special needs kid - was the student of the month. I was surprised to hear that his teacher nominated him because she feels he has made so much progress in the last few weeks. But most of all, I was taken aback that I wanted to tell everybody. I wanted one of those ridiculous bumper stickers.

Call me a hypocrite. Call me too quick to judge. I've learned the lesson that I have no idea what's happening in the lives of the families driving cars with those bumper stickers. Maybe they are caught up in their child's school life to an unhealthy extent. But maybe they have kids with difficulties and are simply too proud of their achievements to keep it to themselves.

Hurray, Martin!


  1. YAY Martin, indeed! So excited for all of you. What a wonderful start to the weekend.

  2. Yee ha! That's great news. Congratulations, Martin!