Monday, April 26, 2010


Is it of critical importance to determine whether Tuesday is an oatmeal morning or a cereal morning? Does it really matter if we watch a video on the human skeleton in particular instead of the human body more generally? Why is the Muppet Show episode starring Joel Grey so preferable to the one with Jim Nabors?

Martin lives in a world of preferences that I rarely understand. Most days, I have enough patience and energy to go with the tempo he establishes. Why should I care if we watch Joel instead of Jim? But it's the last week of classes. I'd rather pour out a bowl of cereal than cook a pot of oatmeal. I'd rather put in the human skeleton video I can find rather than look for the human body video that's been missing for a few days. Some days, I simply cannot be subject to whim.

So Martin's a little mad at me. The end of classes, however, means oatmeal days will be here again soon. Wasn't that FDR's theme song?

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