Monday, November 23, 2009


Then Frances spread jam on a slice of bread and took a bite.
"She won't try anything new," said Mother to Father.
"She just eats bread and jam."
"How do you know what you'll like
if you won't even try anything?' asked Father.
"Well," said Frances,
"There are many different things to eat,
and they taste many different ways.
But when I have bread and jam
I always know what I am getting, and I am always pleased."

Bread and Jam for Frances (1964)

Martin is obsessed with Bedtime for Frances. Though it could use some creativity in the verb department, it's a nice story. The illustrations are wonderful, done by the same artist who illustrated Little House on the Prairie.

Tonight I tried to get Martin to extend his collection of beloved books. If he loves a story about Frances going to bed, why not a story about Frances eating supper? Of course, the story provided my answer. Martin wants the story of Frances' bedtime because there are so many stories and he knows that he will always like this one. Who knows what might happen in a story about Frances and her supper? Who could say about Dr. Seuss?

At the end of Bread and Jam for Frances, the little badger's parents trick her into eating new food. Something must be different in the world of tiny mammals because I cannot trick Martin into anything. Really, what's wrong with only one or two things for supper? And what's so bad about loving only one book?


  1. Bread and Jam for Frances is total propaganda--to be resisted!

  2. I love the Frances books...keep trying with bread and jam...maybe it will get through to Martin someday! When we were kids, those books were on record. What would he think of listening t them on CD? Just a thought :-) Can't wait to see you tomorrow! -Jeanine

  3. These are some of my favorite books. Every year I delight in reading all of them to my class. I have tunes I sing the same way each time I read the book. I have a voice I use. I love them. If I had high school students, I would likely read them to them as well.
    When my daughter was littler, I delighted in reading them over and over to her and even had them memorized. When she would crawl into bed with me in the middle of the night, I would "read" them to her (I had them memorized) and we would both fall asleep while I did. -Jen Sherwood