Tuesday, November 10, 2009

cava bien

Sometimes Martin makes verbal leaps in a matter of days. I left on Friday for a conference in Montreal. I arrived home this evening and encountered sentences such as, "You are home from Canada," "We are having pancakes for supper," and "I really just missed you." It was like talking to a different human being than the one I left a few days ago.

Homeschool stuff went pretty well while I was gone, especially since my husband decided to cancel circle time. It was proving to be a point of contention. So now we're just presenting Martin with a lot of potential activities and letting him decide. The kid stays busy all day if you show him interesting things he can do and give him ample breaks for being with others.

Martin's progress has me dreaming big: imagining camping trips to New England and Quebec, bike riding around Montreal, and pathetic efforts at speaking French. I'm starting to wonder if Martin might be ready for a new adventure, one where we consider his interests and needs, but also ask him to try new things. If we took time at playgrounds and diners with good french fries, maybe he'd a hike through the old town streets. Or maybe I'm crazy to think it and am on the verge of stranding myself and my family in Francophone North America in utter misery. But we can't know until we try.

It's always good to come home from a trip. But it's even better to arrive when your child knows that you have been gone and lets you know that he's glad you're home.

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  1. Oh Jen, that is great! I am so looking forward to seeing his progress...and his sisters :-) In a couple weeks! -Jeanine