Monday, August 24, 2009


Well, it was a great day at school. From the moment I dropped him off until dismissal on the playground, Martin had a wonderful day. Thanks to everyone who thought about him, said a prayer for him, or sent him good vibes from afar.

My nervousness about the first day came not only from regular parent jitters combined with the extra anxieties that can go along with having a special needs kid. I was also apprehensive about today because my husband and I made the choice to have Martin try to go to school this year without the help of a tutor. We took a gamble, hoping that he was ready for this next step toward life in the mainstream. Ever since we made that choice, we've wondered whether we did because Martin was ready or because we wanted him to be ready.

Today going well is no guarantee of a problem-free school year. But it took a load off my mind. And it gave me such pleasure to see Martin run around the playground with all the other kids. He didn't want to leave. What a great day!


  1. Excellent-- hooray Martin! I can't believe I never noticed there were comment sections underneath each post!

  2. Way to go Martin and family!


  3. That is good news. I'll continue to hold you all in the light.

  4. Congratulations, Martin! I hope he is blessed with an excellent and understanding teacher - one who recognizes his strengths and who can help him learn in those areas where new skills can be truly useful.