Wednesday, August 5, 2009

change of plans

Operation Chicken is in trouble. If it were a politician, I might say that it wanted to spend more time with its family. If it were a third grader's homework, I'd say the dog ate it. As a plan to get Martin to eat one bite of chicken, it has been abandoned.

Every day gives us the chance to try a new learning strategy with Martin. We've had victories. After trying for two years to teach Martin how to answer the question "How old are you," all it took was writing the question and the answer on two flashcards. We successfully introduced Martin to preschool routines with little laminated cards for every action: taking off shoes, washing hands, circle time, and listening to the teacher.

But flashcards and the laminating machine haven't fixed everything. We have many failed experiments. Operation Chicken now joins the ranks with the checklist aimed at teaching Martin the steps to wiping himself, the visual aid for differentiating between loud and quiet speech, and the search for some word, any word, that will get Martin to stop before running into the street.

Tomorrow, I might ask Martin to help me make foccacia. Can you laminate bread dough?

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  1. You're right, Jen. You've gotta pick your battles, and this might be one to just put on hold for awhile. I will say that none of our boys "took" to meats right away either. We had to start them on softer, more processed meats (hot dogs, nuggets, etc.) before they would attempt the chewier, more fibrous real deal.
    Jen HS