Monday, February 8, 2010


To begin with, Martin has difficult hair. It's thick and unruly. Unless it's cut very short, it easily sticks up in odd ways.

It is also difficult to cut Martin's hair. He has endured the barber only once in his life. Home hair cuts involve cajoling with treats and lots of flailing and shouting.

I am also hair-styling-challenged. It is difficult for me. I'm trained to read nineteenth-century documents, not to cut hair.

Martin's hair has grown so out of control, I looked at him this morning and thought, "He looks like a poster child for an agency that helps impoverished, homeless children with bad hair." And then I sent him to school looking like that because every effort to fix it ends in tears, both his and mine.


  1. Martin's hair can't look as bad as the man in your picture here! Plus...he has all that cuteness to counteract bad hair. :-)

    BTW...his father had some crazy hair when he was young too...those cowlicks just don't stop, do they? -Jeanine

  2. Seems like cowlicks come from both sides of the fammily so he doesn't have much of a chance.
    It will just go the way it wants and you or anyone else can't control it.

  3. Oh boy, am I with you here. After the trip to the salon led to hysterics, I tried the home cut, complete with flailing and crying (both mine and Ms. L's). I've decided her asymmetrical cut is stylish and edgy.

  4. Teo went to school with the craziest hair yesterday, and came home with every strand in place, perfectly tamed and styled. I'm still wondering what's up with that.