Monday, February 15, 2010

charts and trouble

We have a new chart. It connects Martin's behavior to the privilege of playing his favorite computer game called Starfall. The top of the chart reads: "Can Martin play Starfall today?" The days of the week - followed by spaces for "yes" and "no" - run down the side of the chart. If Martin knocks over his sister, slams a door, or yells, we put a check in the "no" space for the next day of the week. With a spate of good behavior, Martin's 30-minute allotment of computer time goes ahead unimpeded.

I made the chart after Martin plowed over his sister for no apparent reason. For about the 1,000th time. I showed him the chart, talking him through it. I asked him if he understood. ",," he replied. A few minutes later, he said, "If you are not good, you do not get to do Starfall." That's as close as he gets to showing us that he understands something new we've introduced.

I'm ready for the chart to work and for Martin's wrestling maneuvers performed on his 20-pound sister to stop. If it doesn't, I'm considering a call to Jesse Ventura since the former governor no longer has a job and probably needs somebody to subdue.

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