Sunday, January 17, 2010

for what it is

Inexplicably bad behavior. Despite a nice morning, an afternoon visit to the ice cream shop, and friends for dinner, Martin was a P-I-L-L. He asked for The Muppet Movie at least 100 times. He disobeyed. He swatted at people and tried to kick. No fun at all.

Sometimes Martin gets really out of sorts. I have no idea why. There are two problems in this situation. First, the world doesn't slow down when he's in this kind of mood. The people invited to dinner more than a week ago will still arrive on cue. And second, the things that normally help him snap out of a funk don't seem to work. If ice cream can't make a 5-year-old happy, what will?

My only guess is that Martin - like other typical kids - gets tired and cranky and takes it out on everyone around him. I guess that makes him like some adults as well.

So I'm not in the best blogging mood tonight. Like Martin, I think I just need a good night's sleep and a clean slate in the morning.


  1. Jen, I wish we all could communicate to each other as you do in your blog! I think you are so very thoughtful and insightful!
    A mother-in-law

  2. I hear you LOUD and CLEAR! Yep, sometimes they are out of sorts and only a good nights sleep will cure what ails them. Sometimes it takes several tries at a good nights sleep in our house. :-( I hope this is NOT the case for you. Here's hoping sunny Martin will arise in the morning and all will be at peace in the universe. -Jeanine

  3. I can so relate to this. Sometimes it seems like my son flips out for no reason at all. Other days things that often send him in a tizzy don't even phase him. Of course I prefer the "other" days, but most often we get stomping and yelling and swearing vengeance over things most other people could let drop in a few minutes...