Monday, January 11, 2010

empty of bologna

Last night, Martin and the rest of the family picked me up at the airport. I returned from a wonderful, three-day conference in sunny San Diego. Did you know that fish tacos are a perfectly appropriate breakfast food?

Unlike other times I've returned from trips, Martin was quite talkative. He told me he had gone to church in the morning. He told me our friend, Alex, had visited. He told me of his plans to go to the Akron Zoo - immeadiately. I turned around to him, reminded him that it was late at night, and asked him if he was full of bologna. He put his arms on top of his head, felt around a little bit, and replied, "No, I'm empty of bologna."

Martin had a good few days while I was gone. Each school day gets better and better. No time-outs today. On Thursday, his class is going bowling. On Friday, his grandparents are coming for a visit. He seems to be in a good space. I can tell this because he was in such pleasant spirits tonight. He read books aloud. He tried a "different cheese sandwich," even though we didn't prepare it the way to which he's accustomed. And he went soundly to sleep after thanking God for zoo animals.

I agree. He is empty of bologna.


  1. So beautiful! I am so happy for Martin and for his parents.......I love your writing! I don't have small children, I don't know anyone personally who is close to autism, but your story is so inspiring and full of hope....thanks again for sharing it with us strangers!

  2. It was so wonderful to see you, Jen! You are such a gift to the world. --Mary Sue

  3. Yea for Martin! Yea for You! Yea for school. :)