Monday, October 12, 2009

go already!

So Martin's tutor had a job interview today. She's overqualified for the work with Martin, so we aren't terribly surprised. But it did switch us into "education panic mode." Because we took a state voucher for Martin's education, we are responsible for making it happen. If tutors quit, we have to find new ones. We have to train them. We have to make sure their fingerprints are on file and that they don't have criminal records. We have to pay them. I find all of this stuff difficult. I studied the humanities. I was told there would be no math.

So, once again, I express deep-seated wishes for a nation with a stronger social safety net. A country where one doesn't have to choose between inadequate public school programs and the all-consuming task of directing a child's special needs education. And I at least have the option for financial support for my efforts to educate Martin. Most states have neither adequate special needs offerings nor vouchers for do-it-yourselfers. Do I really live in the richest nation in the world?

Really, people, how come the revolution hasn't started yet? How much crappy healthcare, education, and social welfare programing can a population endure? Have you contacted your representatives about any of these pressing matters? If so, thank you. If not, stop sitting on your hands. We might be in the midst of a week where talk is dominated by what hasn't been done yet, the things this administration has not yet achieved. So get out there and let them know that you want positive change.

(And since I, too, have seen that awesome slideshow of conservative protest signs with staggering spelling errors, here's a polite reminder to make sure to spell and grammar check!

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  1. Uh, when I read that line about stop sitting on your hands, I was literally sitting ON my hands. Cause it's getting cold now. You know, fall and all. But I'm a bit of a proverbial hand-sitter-on as well I suppose, so thanks for the suggestion, Jen. -LaDene