Thursday, October 1, 2009

dr. vlasits

When days at school are good, it's easier to reflect on parenthood's lovelier moments. Today, I came in from a run just as Martin and his tutor were finishing their work. Martin rushed over to me and asked what I had been doing. "I was running," I said. "Are you OK?" he asked. "Yes," I replied, "but my legs are sore and I need to stretch them a bit." I walked to another room and sat down to stretch. Martin followed. "Mama," he asked, "are your legs hurt?" "Well," I answered, "they hurt a little." "I'll just give them a kiss," Martin said as he gave me a kiss on each knee. "I think you just need to lay down," he said, as he grabbed my hand and led me toward his room. He pulled back the covers and motioned for me to get into bed. After I laid down, he covered me up, turned off the light, told me that I would feel better soon, and walked out the door. He left me, staring at the ceiling, wondering why any of us ever think that something is wrong with him.

If only all our doctors and nurses showed us such tenderness and concern. If only the rest of us showed such regard for autistics and their particular ways of interacting with the world.

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